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Core Formula*/***

A selection of synergetic active ingredients for an efficient response to skin aging.

RHA®: resilient hyaluronic acid - Strengthens skin barrier and hydrates lastingly.

DRC: cocktail of amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals - Protects and revitalizes.

NovHyal: natural constituent of hyaluronic acid - Stimulates the natural synthesis of hyaluronic acid.

Vitamin C - Anti-pigmentation*

Sodium pyruvate – Brightening*

The complexion is more even and the skin regains its radiance,**

The skin is visibly firmer.**


*The properties of ingredients are stem from data communicated by the raw material manufacturers.

**In-Vivo test performed on 24 volunteers during 28 days by an independent laboratory. 

***Ex-vivo tests performed by an independent laboratory : hydration measures performed on epidermis with microscopic observations of skin's micro-relief.

A new generation of vitamin C, combined with TEOXANE’s powerful RHA technology, to combat pigmentation, loss of firmness and a dull complexion. This advanced serum maximises skin radiance thanks to antioxidants, hydrating and correcting skin tone. 

Apply a few drops of the serum to freshly cleansed skin. A day time complexion brightener, lightly massage across the face, neck and décolleté each morning. Leave to absorb for two minutes before applying ADVANCED FILLER or ADVANCED PERFECTING SHIELD.

Pre - post aesthetic procedures recommendations: Use morning and evening for a daily long term hyperpigmentation protection and/or mature skin firmness care regimen.


Vitamin C Skin Perfector


The combined action of RHA Resilient Hyaluronic Acid® technology with VC-IP, a new generation of vitamin C to address ageing spots and dull complexion.