Pollution defense ampoules
Pollution defense ampoules

Pollution defense ampoules

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Mesoestetic Pollution Defense Ampoules is a concentrated formula that prevents premature aging of the skin. This is because it offers protection against oxidative agents, particularly against environmental pollution.

Mesoestetic Pollution Defense has 4 active ingredients offering effective protection against the aggressions of daily urban life that cause premature aging.

First of all, Idebenone stands out. A potent antioxidant with a very low molecular weight that effectively penetrates the skin. It provides a complete and deep antioxidant action, favoring cellular functions during the day.

Another important ingredient is the Croton Lechleri ​​Tree Resin Extract. Responsible for stimulating the skin\’s antioxidant defense system, in order to strengthen protection against environmental pollution. It also improves the skin\’s ability to eliminate molecules that result from oxidative stress for intensive detoxifying action.

Hyaluronic Acid is also present in this formula, in a \”cross-linked\” form. In other words, it\’s present in a more resistant to degradation form. Hyaluronic Acid hydrates the outer layers of the skin and reduces the loss of water transdermally, maintaining the hydration of the skin for longer.

Finally, Niacinamide. An ingredient that repairs the epidermal barrier, which further increases the protection of fibroblasts against pollutants in the urban environment, thus prolonging its longevity.

Mesoestetic Pollution Defense Ampoules block the oxidation processes, protecting the skin against the consequences of environmental pollution.

They provide long-lasting hydration while repairing the skin and enhancing its defenses. They are ideal for all skin types, which suffer from prolonged exposure to polluted environments. Or, also, for skins that are suffocated by tobacco smoke.

Mesoestetic Pollution Defense is available in individual ampoules, which concentrate the optimal dose of ingredients for each application. Its dark glass format, packaged in a sterile environment, offers maximum safety in addition to ensuring the properties of the formula.