Melatonin ampoules
Melatonin ampoules

Melatonin ampoules

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Melatonin Anti-Age Ampoules are an anti-aging intensive night treatment. They neutralize and repair the damage caused during the day due to sun exposure, pollution, stress and tobacco smoke. They aim to activate the repair mechanisms of the skin.

In addition to favoring the regeneration process, they neutralize the damage caused by oxidative reactions during the day. Thus, they prevent and correct the effects of environmental aging on the skin.

3 Powerful Ingredients

With a concentrated formula, these ampoules combine 3 active ingredients with a synergistic action to increase night repair processes and accelerate antioxidant defense mechanisms. They are then Melatonin, Glutathione and Superoxide Dismutase.

Melatonin is the key ingredient of this formula. This is because its function is to promote cell repair and regeneration mechanisms. It is an ingredient naturally present in our body, responsible for sleep regulation and all mechanisms of nocturnal regeneration. By including this ingredient in the ampoules formulation, Mesoestetic intends to stimulate locally the regeneration of cutaneous tissues.

Glutathione. A potent antioxidant tripeptide. It is present inside the cells and is able to eliminate toxins and protect the tissues from the oxidation produced during the day.

Superoxide Dismutase. An antioxidant enzyme that protects the cell membranes of the epidermis, protecting them against the action of free radicals. As a result, the skin is perfectly protected against the damages of the free radicals produced during the day. Its ability to repair the damage is enhanced, and detoxification of the skin occurs more efficiently.