body shock local reducer
body shock local reducer

body shock local reducer

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Mesoestetic Bodyshock Local Reducer specifically designed to treat accumulated fat…

Mesoestetic Bodyshock Local Reducer is a thermo-reducer gel. Specifically designed to treat accumulated fat in difficult areas of the body such as the thighs, hips and arms. These zones require a specific treatment with a distinct composition of ingredients to be able to eliminate the fat of these tissues and to prevent the formation of new adipose cells.

Bodyshock Local Reducer combines Asiatic Sparkle with a collagen biosynthesis stimulator that promotes the restoration of skin integrity. L-Carnitine responsible for the transport of fatty acids to the mitochondria for oxidation, thus avoiding its use by the body. Caffeine which stimulates the mobilization and the metabolism of fatty acids. And Coleus forskohlii an extract from a plant that favors the elimination of fatty acids from adipose tissue. With a thermoregulatory action, after Bodyshock Local Reducer application, it locally generates a sensation of intense (temporary) heat, a result of the action of the active principles of the formula, thus stimulating the elimination of adipose tissue and inhibition of the growth capacity of fat nodules. Bodyshock Local Reducer is designed to eliminate cellulite (regardless of its degree of advancement) and localized fat, and to treat flaccidity in the most difficult areas of the body.

How to use Mesoestetic Bodyshock Local Reducer? Apply at night in the area to be treated, with a circular massage, on clean and dry skin. The efficacy of the product increases, when applied after stimulation of the blood microcirculation. Such as after bathing or after some physical activity.

Note: due to the thermogenic effect of the product, it is possible to feel intense and itchy heat at the moment of the application and in the moments that follow. This action is fully anticipated, and should not be confused with an allergic reaction or product intolerance.