BCN BALANCE prebiotic serum

BCN BALANCE prebiotic serum

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BCN Balance serum is a high-yield booster that, by virtue of its maximised concentration of prebiotic and non-prebiotic active ingredients, acts as a superfood for the skin, as well as being a hydrating, calming and re-balancing treatment that reinforces the skin’s self-defence system and restores the natural moisturising factor.

Dropper  |  30 ml NET WT. |  1.01 fl.oz. |   pH

The synergistic action of its soothing and decongestant active ingredients facilitates the recovery of the skin after medical-aesthetic treatments, providing maximum well-being and comfort to the face right from the first application, instantly increasing skin tolerance levels.

The extensive benefits of BCN Balance Serum Concentrate associated with its formulation are:

by virtue of its complete prebiotic action:

  • rebalances and maintains the microbial populations within the natural and optimal ratio for healthy skin.
  • boosts the skin’s immune response.
  • powerful capacity for cell renewal, skin barrier repair and healing.
  • revitalises and strengthens the skin.

by virtue of its hyaluronic acid content, sugars and natural moisturising factors:

  • prevents skin dryness and provides a long-lasting feeling of comfort.
  • double short- and long-term moisturising action that lasts up to 72 hours.

By virtue of its aloe vera content:

  • hydrating, calming and antioxidant effect.

By virtue of its avenanthramide D content:

  • relieves itching, discomfort and the redness of sensitive or sensitised skin.