Acne one Mesoestetic

Acne one Mesoestetic

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 Control skins with tendency to generate acne and seborrheic on moderate terms.

Mesoestetic Acne-One is specially developed to control effectively the skins with tendency to generate acne and seborrheic. The unique combination of ingredients from the m.acne complex with Bexaretinyl and Serenoa repens stimulates exfoliation of the pores and pilosebaceous canal. Decreased secretion of sebum. Control of bacterial proliferation. Reduction of inflammatory redness and acneic hyperpigmentations. Progressively acne-prone and seborrheic skin becomes more controlled, and imperfections are minimized.

Apply Mesoestetic Acne-One after cleansing the skin with the Acne- Peel Purifying Mousse once or twice a day, in a thin, even layer. Avoid the eye and mucous membrane. Then apply the Dermatological Sun Protection SPF50 sunscreen suitable for oily and acne skin.